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Atlethic Edge Creatine RT - 130g
  • Atlethic Edge Creatine RT - 130g

Atlethic Edge Creatine RT - 130g

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Do you know why your creatine supplement sucks?
  • Are you a creatine non-responder or weak responder, getting little or no benefits in exchange for your hard-earned money?
  • Does your creatine supplement make you feel fat & bloated?
  • Are you wasting your time & money on a product loaded with sugar or filled with inferior forms of creatine?
  • What if we found a way to dramatically increase creatine’s uptake to give you the physique-enhancing benefits of this time-tested ingredient without the physique-destroying side effects of all that sugar?*
  • Are you ready for the next stage of evolution?
The future of creatine supplementation is here: The zero sugar solution.
User response from creatine varies largely from person to person when used as a stand-alone ingredient. Many feel little or no positive attributes from creatine usage while others show significant improvements within 30 days. One way scientists have traditionally used to level the playing field is to combine creatine with large of amounts of sugar. While this method has been suggested to improve creatine absorption rate through the years, it has also turned many users away from creatine usage because of the detrimental effects sugar has on the body. We don’t need to dig too deep here: no one who cares about their health or body composition really wants to shuttle creatine with a boatload of sugar.

Creatine RT highlights
  • Russian tarragon extract: creatine uptake greater than 70g of simple sugars. No more uncessary addition of carbs to your diet!
  • 20% greater muscle creatine absorption than creatine alone.
  • No fillers, no fluff, just powerful results.
  • 100% pure & patented german made Creapure®.
  • Once a day creatine, no loading phase needed!
  • Full month supply!
Creatine Monohydrate 101: marketing myths vs. research science

Supplement company marketing myth #1: creatine monohydrate has poor stability
According to many supplement companies, creatine monohydrate has poor stability in the stomach and rapidly converts to creatinine (The break-down waste product of creatine). Their fictitious story goes on to state that due to this “so called” high creatine to creatinine conversion rate in the stomach, little ever reaches the blood stream and get absorbed into your muscles to bring about its strength/muscle-building benefits.

Research Science: Even from the very early research dating back to 1992, it has been suggested by research that creatine monohydrate has exceptional stability. Researchers measured its stability and conversion rate to its break-down product creatinine at various pH (acidic) ranges to mimic the low pH (acidity) of our stomach acid. Here’s what they found. Less than 1-2 percent is converted to creatinine, even after four hours of sitting in a low pH solution. Even after sitting in a low pH solution for three days, only 4-20% of it converted to creatinine, depending on the pH of the solution it was tested in. The creatine you ingest, is obviously never going to sit in your stomach for three days and even if it did, the slow conversion rate still leaves plenty of unconverted creatine to adequately elevate muscle creatine concentrations to promote performance gains. As you can see this is a myth based on no real scientific evidence and should be of no concern to anyone using creatine monohydrate.

Supplement company marketing myth #2: creatine monohydrate is absorbed poorly into the blood stream.

Research science: University research has repeatedly suggested, that 98-99% of the creatine monohydarate you ingest, gets absorbed through the gastro intestinal tract (GI tract) and into the blood stream. It doesn’t get any better than that. End of discussion. The real absorption issue: getting the creatine from the blood stream into the muscles, where we need it.

Simply put, creatine pours into the blood stream due to its exceptional absorption through the GI tract. Unfortunately it gets bottlenecked when it gets to our muscles, which have a limited capacity to absorb it.

What was the old school solution to this problem?
Ingesting large amounts of fast digesting simple sugars/carbohydrates that would greatly spike the hormone insulin. Insulin by up-regulating the creatine transporter would in turn allow more creatine to enter into our muscles at an accelerated rate. This method certainly works and works well.

Unfortunately there are some real limitations and downsides to utilizing this method: 
  1. Insulin is a powerful fat storing hormone and constantly spiking it with simple sugars is not exactly what physique athletes or bodybuilders wants when trying to stay lean and ripped.
  2. Many physique athletes do not want the caloric load from ingesting such high amounts of simple sugars and would much rather get their sugar from complex/slow digesting carbohydrate sources.
  3. Some individuals feel bloated, nauscious and fatigued from ingesting all that simple sugar.
Simply put, it is just not optimal or realistic for many active individuals who take their diets, physiques and health as serious as their training to take in all that sugar.

The solution: Creatine RT™, the evolution of creatine supplementation.
Forget loading up on mounds of sugar to enhance creatine absorption; we bring you the biggest breakthrough in the science of creatine supplementation since creatine itself.

Russian tarragon extract: A recent study, suggested the exact russian tarragon extract used in Creatine RT combined with Creapure® creatine (both used in Creatine RT) could:
  • Increase creatine absorption to a greater extent than 70 grams of sugar!
  • Bring about 20% greater muscle creatine absorption than creatine alone. No sugar/carbs needed & no loading phase!
  • In simplistic terms, the Russian tarragon extract used in Creatine RT, will make your muscles like creatine sponges!
A research supported combination: Patented Creapure® brand Creatine Monohydrate combined with Taurine
Unlike other creatine formula’s, that use the cheapest creatine monohydrate they can get their hands on, or inferior forms like creatine ethyl ester (CEE) and others. We have licensed the German made Creapure®; the world’s purest creatine monohydrate, with a well-studied safety profile. Creapure® brand of creatine monohydrate is produced with a unique patented non-carcinogenic process in a FDA registered GMP plant in Germany with no possible risk of cross contamination or high levels of its breakdown byproduct creatinine that can occur with cheaper creatine’s. Creapure® is recognized for consistent and homogenous quality (min 99.9% creatine monohydrate) which increases your value, while keeping it contaminate free. Look for the Creapure® logo on the label of Creatine RT™ to ensure you are getting the best creatine in the world. Creapure® is the king of all creatine’s. Creatine RT, also includes the amino-acid taurine to assist as a cell volumizer and nutrient transporter.