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VPX Protein Rush 908g
  • VPX Protein Rush 908g

VPX Protein Rush 908g

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Building muscle is always about fueling your body with the right protein needed to build dense big muscles. So if you want to build a muscular physique, you are in the right place. VPX developed Protein Rush Powder to help you get bigger and ripped. With 40 grams of highly digestive protein, Protein Rush Powder will equip your muscles with the adequate amount to start building better muscle that is trim and tone. Protein Rush Powder contains high grade protein which is easily absorbed by the body, giving it enough raw materials for muscle repair and regeneration. Loaded with whey protein isolates and L-leucine, Protein Rush Powder hits your system instantaneously giving scientifically suggested, explosive, muscle building support! While the 'slow proteins' may help inhibit muscle breakdown and prolong protein synthesis or muscle building process for up to seven hours!

The key to extensive muscle growth is giving the body the right ingredients to build it. Fortified with B vitamins, Protein Rush Powder helps minimize fatigue. This family of vitamins is known to help the body in sustaining energy. Protein Rush Powder has vitamin B2 which plays an important role in metabolism. It also contains Riboflavin, a part of the Vitamin B family, which serves as a good energy source and prevents muscle fatigue and cramping. This bodybuilding supplement also has an elevated amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant which is also vital in the process of metabolism.